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the veterinary use of the drug “MYSTICOL-FORTE»


1.1 Masticol-Forte (Masticol-forte).

1.2 the Preparation is an oil suspension from white with a yellowish tinge to yellow. During storage, precipitation is allowed, easily broken by shaking.
1.3 tetracycline hydrochloride 20 mg, neomycin sulfate 25 mg, bacitracin 3.5 mg, auxiliary and forming substances are contained In 1.0 cm3 of the preparation.
1.4 the Drug is released in a syringe dispenser containing 10 ml of the drug, and in glass bottles of 100 cm3. Syringes dosing pack 20 PCs in a cardboard box.

1.5 the Drug is stored with caution (list B) at a temperature of plus 5°C to plus 25 °C in a dry, dark place.

1.6 shelf Life of 2 (two) years from date of manufacture under condition of observance of rules of storage.


2.1 Mastika-Forte belongs to a group of combined antibiotic drugs. A combination of antibiotics comprising mastika-Forte has a broad spectrum of antibacterial action against most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, most commonly secreted during mastitis of cows, including Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus agalactie, Streptococcus disagalactie, Streptococcus uberis, Klebsiella spp., Arcanobacterium pyogenes, Escherichia coli, etc.

2.2 the Mechanism of action of the drug tetracycline and neomycin is to inhibit the synthesis of proteins in the bacterial cell. Bacitracin, penetrating into the bacterial cell, binds to receptors on its inner surface and disrupts the synthesis of peptidoglycan – the main component of the cell wall.

2.3 When the drug is introduced into the milk tanks, the active substances penetrate the udder parenchyma, remaining in therapeutic concentrations for 12 hours. When applied to the skin, the drug is not absorbed, providing local action.

2.4 In the recommended doses, the drug does not have a local irritant, resorptive toxic and sensitizing effect.


3.1 Mastika-Forte is used to treat clinical and subclinical forms of mastitis of bacterial etiology in cows, bulls balanoposthitis, otitis and skin infections in cats and dogs.

3.2 Before administration of the drug milked milk (the secret) of the sick quarters of the udder, disinfect the teat. The drug is heated to (35-40) °C and shaken thoroughly. The protective cap is removed from the syringe dispenser and all its contents are introduced into the milk channel of the affected udder. Squeezing the tip of the nipple, carefully remove the syringe and conduct a light massage of the nipple and the patient’s udder lobe from the bottom up. Lactating cows mastika-Forte vnutrisustavnogo administered at intervals of 12 hours until recovery. With subclinical mastitis, the drug is administered once a day for 3 days; in the dry period – three times with an interval of 3-4 days.
The drug, packaged in vials, is administered with a syringe at a dose of 7-10 cm3 through a milk catheter similar to the method described above.

3.3 For the treatment of otitis media in dogs and cats, the drug is preheated to (35 – 40)°C and intensively shaken. Enter into the auditory canal for 0.5-2 cm3, after which for better distribution of the drug carefully massaged. Apply 1 time per day until complete recovery.
For the treatment of skin infections, the affected areas are treated 2 times a day by applying applications.

3.4 In the treatment of balanopostitis, the contents of 1 syringe dispenser is introduced into the prepucial bag and with a light massage evenly distribute the drug. In balanopostitis, complicated by folliculitis, it is recommended to pre-clean the follicles.

3.5 Contraindication for use is individual hypersensitivity of the animal to the components of the drug. When applying mastisol-Forte in accordance with this instruction side effects and complications are usually not observed. With increased individual sensitivity of the animal to the components of the drug and the appearance of signs of Allergy, the use of the drug is stopped and the animal is prescribed antihistamines and symptomatic therapy.

3.6 the Use of mystical-Forte does not preclude the use of other drugs for animals, with the exception of drugs for intracisternal introduction.

3.7 In the food purposes, milk may be used not earlier than 20 days after the last injection mastisol-Forte. Milk from healthy quarters of the udder, obtained before the deadline, can be used after boiling in animal feed*. Slaughter of animals for meat is allowed no earlier than 20 days after the last administration of the drug. Meat from animals slaughtered before the specified date, can be used as feed for fur animals.


4.1 When working with the drug, observe the rules of personal hygiene and safety.

4.2 the Drug should be stored out of the reach of children.


5.1 In case of complications after the use of the drug, its use is stopped and the consumer applies to the State veterinary institution in the territory of which it is located. Veterinary specialists of this institution are studying compliance with all rules for the use of the drug in accordance with the instructions. When confirming the non-effectiveness or non-compliance of the drug in appearance, veterinary specialists take samples in the required amount for laboratory tests, a sampling report is drawn up and sent to the State institution “Belarusian state veterinary center” (Minsk, Krasnaya str., 19a) to confirm the compliance of the drug regulatory documentation.

6 THE FULL NAME OF THE MANUFACTURER 000 Firm “Biokhimpharm”, Russia, 600910, Raduzhny, Vladimir region, quarter 16. The instruction is developed by employees of LLC Biokhimpharm firm (Yu. V. Nikitin, Yu. a. Kostyrkin).

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