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of using Universal adhesive tile cleaner from insect pests and rodents 

(Organization-developer: “BioKhimPharm”, Raduzhny, Vladimir region). 

I. General information 

1. Universal adhesive tinder from insect pests and rodents is a sticky, non-toxic, universal remedy for mechanical trapping of domestic insects (cockroaches, ants, flies, etc.), garden pests (caterpillars, snails, etc.) and rodents mice and rats). Due to the unique properties of the adhesive, the trap is suitable for use in dry and wet rooms, as well as outdoors. Does not deteriorate or dry out, and also absorbs dust dirt falling on its surface, restoring its adhesive properties. The effectiveness of the trap is enhanced by the natural reaction of insects to fly to a certain color.

The color trap contains no poisonous substances, therefore it is convenient for use in agriculture and households, and also where application of pesticides is undesirable.

2. The color trap is produced in the form of an orange-colored single-layer tape stranded in rolls, 16 cm wide and 8 cm long, 5 and 10 m long, and a two-layer ribbon 16 cm wide and 10 m long.

3 The trap consists of a colored polymer film, an entomological glue (Shostakovskiy balsam , rosin, cerozin (wax) .

4 Store in a sealed manufacturer’s packaging at a temperature from minus 30 0С to 30 0 C. The shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture, provided storage conditions are respected. should be kept out of the reach of children.

6 Special precautions should not be taken when disposing traps.


II. The order of application 

7. The flower trap is used to destroy insects and rodents in residential, public and livestock premises (poultry houses, pigsties, barns), processing plants for livestock products, grain storages, industrial and subsidiary premises, both inside and outside the building, in forests, gardens, gardens, greenhouses. Also used as a hunting belt on garden trees.

8. To combat flying insects from the roll, a strip is strung out at a rate of 40-60 cm per 15 m2 of the room, cut off and hung in places of greatest accumulation of insects. Use until completely filled with insects.

9. To fight house insects (cockroaches, ants, etc.) from the trap, cut strips 10-20 cm long and spread them in places of migration of insects.

10. For catching mice, a 16 cm wide adhesive trap is used. Strips of 10-20 cm length are cut from it, which are installed in the places where rodents are most likely to appear, placing bait (bread with sunflower oil, etc.) in the center of each strip.

11. To protect trees from pests in early spring, after winding the snow, wind the tree trunk (2-3 turns) above the level of grass, thus forming a hunting belt. Hang 1-2 m of glue traps in the tree crown. For winter, trapping belts are removed.

III. Precautionary measures 

12. The sticky mass that has got on the skin of the hands is removed with a cloth moistened with vegetable oil, after which the hands are washed with warm water and soap.

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