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of using “Akamiksan” as an acaricidal-fungicidal-bactericidal agent for animals

(Organization-developer: “BioKhimPharm”, Raduzhny, Vladimir region).

I. General information

1. Trade name of the medicinal product: Akamiksanum.

International non-proprietary name: sulfur, zinc sulfate, birch tar, salicylic acid, lysol or creolin, turpentine, metacide.

2. Dosage form: suspension for external use. Akamiksan as active ingredients in 1000 g contains zinc sulfate-100 g, sulfur-100 g, salicylic acid-50 g, tar birch-50 g, lysol sanitary grade “A” or creolin-50 g, turpentine purified or zirconium-20 g, methacid-5 g, and filler vaseline-400 g, lanolin anhydrous-170 g, water-75 g.

In appearance, the preparation is an oily liquid from light yellow to yellow with a specific odor.

The preparation is ready to be ready for use, packaged in bottles of a spray of 30 ml and 100 ml, aerosol cans with spray heads and protective caps for 100 ml and 170 ml.

3. Each package is marked with the name of the manufacturing organization, its address and trademark, the name, purpose and method of application, the name and content of the active substances, the volume and / or weight of the preparation in the package, the inscriptions “for veterinary use”, serial numbers , date of manufacture, expiry date, storage conditions, “Shake before use”, designations of technical specifications and instructions for use.

Shelf life of the medicinal product under the conditions of storage is 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Do not use the medication after the expiration date.

4. Store the drug in a sealed manufacturer’s packaging, in a dry, cool, protected from light place at a temperature of 50C to 250C.

5. Akamiksan should be stored in places inaccessible to children.

6. Dispose of unused product with expired shelf life in accordance with legal requirements.

II. Pharmacological properties

7. Pharmacotherapeutic group of the preparation: complex acaricidal, fungicidal and antibacterial agent.

The drug has acaricidal, fungicidal and bactericidal action. Ingredients of the preparation have keratolytic, sorbing, astringent, antiseptic properties.

Akamiksan on the degree of impact on the body are classified as low-hazard substances (hazard class 4 according to GOST 12.1.007), do not have a local irritant, sensitizing and resorptive-toxic effect.

III. The order of application

8. Akamiksan is used to treat trichophytosis of cattle, microsporia of dogs and cats, dermatitis and ulcers of various nature and other skin diseases of animals.

9. Contraindication to use is the individual hypersensitivity of the animal to the components of the drug.

10. The treatment is carried out without first removing the scab and cutting the wool: 2 times a day for the first 2-3 days, then 1 time per day until the disappearance of clinical signs.

Before using Akamiksan, the bottle should be shaken thoroughly. The drug is sprayed from a distance of 15-20 cm to the affected areas of the skin and 2-4 cm around the lesions without pre-cutting the wool and removing the crust until a thin even layer is formed. For more effective treatment, the drug should be gently rubbed into the skin with a swab.

Affected areas are treated 1-2 times a day before the separation of crusts. After 4-5 days, if the crust is not separated, the treatment is repeated. 10 days after the treatment, a control microscopic examination of the scrapings from the affected skin areas is carried out.

When a pathogen is found, the treatment is repeated. Typically, 7-10 days after the start of treatment on the affected areas of the skin, hair growth is observed.

11. Symptoms of overdose when using the drug in accordance with this instruction is not established.

12. Features of the drug at the beginning of the use of Akamiksan or when it is canceled is not revealed.

13. Passage of the next dose of the drug (treatment) should be avoided, as this may lead to a decrease in therapeutic effectiveness. In the case of missing one or more doses, the drug is resumed as soon as possible in the same dosage and according to the same schedule.

14. Adverse events and complications in the use of Akamksan in accordance with this instruction is not established.

15. The use of Akamiksan does not exclude the use of other drugs.

16. Milk and meat of slaughtered animals when using the drug is used without restrictions.

IV. Personal prevention measures

17. When working with Akamiksan, you should observe the general rules of personal hygiene and safety techniques provided for working with animal medicines.

18. When working with Akamiksan it is forbidden to drink, smoke and eat. After working with the drug, wash your hands with soap and water.

19. In case of contact with skin and mucous membranes, rinse with plenty of tap water. If accidentally swallowed, give a large amount of water to drink (4-5 glasses) and induce vomiting.

People with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug should avoid direct contact with the drug. In case of allergic reactions and / or accidental ingestion of the drug into the human body, you should immediately contact a medical institution.

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