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of using tincture of hellebore as a rubbing and emetic, as well as for fighting ectoparasites in animals.

(Organization-developer:  “BioKhimPharm”, Raduzhny, Vladimir region).

I. General information

1. Trade name of the medicinal product: Tinctura Veratri.

International non-proprietary name: Protoveratrin).

2. Dosage form – tincture. The medicinal preparation in 100 ml contains 0.09-0.11% of the protolaverrin alkaloid and the excipient. In appearance, the preparation is a uniform transparent liquid of a reddish-brown color, with a specific odor.

The drug pack in glass bottles of 50, 100 ml, ukuporennyh rubber stoppers, reinforced aluminum caps.

3. The shelf life of the medicinal product, if stored in a sealed package, is 3 years from the date of manufacture. It is forbidden to use Tincture of hellebore after the expiry date.

4. Store the preparation in the manufacturer’s closed container in a dry, protected from light place, at a temperature from 0ºС to 20ºС.

5. Tincture of hellebore should be stored in places inaccessible to children.

6. Dispose of unused product in accordance with legal requirements.

II. Pharmacological properties

7. Tincture of hellebore refers to the pharmacotherapeutic group: emetic and ruminatory agents. The drug, after 5-10 minutes after ingestion, reflexively irritates and strengthens the motility and secretion of prednies in ruminants, and in dogs and pigs causes vomiting.

According to the degree of influence on the body, the drug according to GOST 12.1.007-76 refers to substances that are not very dangerous (hazard class 4).

III. The order of application

8.Tincture of hellebore used as a cure for atony, hypotension and tympanii rumen in ruminants, as an emetic for pigs and dogs, as well as for fighting ectoparasites (fleas, lice, mites) in animals.

9. Contraindication is hypersensitivity to alkaloids.

10. When ingested the drug gives in the following doses:

– cattle – 5-12 ml per animal or (0.01-0.024 ml / kg of live weight);

– sheep and goats – 1 – 4 ml per animal or (0,04-0,08 ml / kg of live weight);

– pigs – 1 – 2 ml per animal or (0,014-0,028 ml / kg of live weight);

– dogs – 0,05 – 2 ml per animal or (0,05 – 0,2 ml / kg of live weight).

Treatment is carried out 1 – 2 times a day until recovery.

Depending on the type of animal, the preparation is diluted with water from 50 to 500 ml and is set inward with a rubber bottle.

To fight fleas, lice, and mites Tincture of hellebore  in dilution with water 1: 2 is sprayed or damp the back to the animals. Doses of the drug – approximately as if taken internally.

11. In case of an overdose, severe poisoning occurs with the chaos. In these cases, 1% solution of atropine sulfate is injected subcutaneously with 0.3-1 ml per 10 kg of body weight. When tachycardia is intravenous 1-2 ml per animal.

12. Features of the drug during its first use and cancellation is not established.

13. Failure to comply with the recommended interval with repeated administration of the drug may lead to a decrease in its effectiveness.

14. Adverse events and complications in the use of the drug in accordance with this instruction, as a rule, is not observed.

15. Information on the interaction There are no infusions of the he-rier with other medicinal products and fodder additives.

16. Livestock products during and after application. Cheerleader tinctures are used without restrictions.

IV. Personal prevention measures

17. When working with Tincture of hellebore, you should observe the general rules of personal hygiene and safety, provided for when working with medicines.

18. When working with the drug, it is forbidden to drink, smoke and eat. After working with the drug, wash your hands with soap and water.

19. In case of accidental ingestion, give the victim plenty of water (4-5 glasses) and induce vomiting. Antidote in case of poisoning with chiropractic is a solution of atropine sulfate. In case of poisoning or the appearance of allergic reactions, you should immediately contact a medical institution (with you to have instructions for the use of the drug or a label).

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