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of using Iodometrine for the prevention and treatment of gynecological pathologies of inflammatory character in animals 

(Organization-developer: “BioKhimPharm”, Raduzhny, Vladimir region). 

I. General information 

1. Trade name: Jodometrin.

International non-proprietary name: potassium iodide, bismuth salt, carbachol.

2. Dosage form: foaming tablets for intrauterine administration. Iodometrine as active ingredients contains potassium iodide, bismuth salt, carbachol, and also a foaming drug base.

Iodometrine is a tablet of a pinkish brown color.

3. Issue Iodomethrin packed in foil with a thermo-lacquer or in plastic bags with a lock zip-loсk (influenza) for 1 tablet, which are stacked in cans of 20 pieces.

4. Each package is marked with the manufacturer’s organization, its address and trademark, the name of the medicinal product, the name and content of the active substance, the method of use, the serial number and date of manufacture, the expiration date, the number of tablets in the package, storage conditions, the inscription ” For veterinary use “, designations of technical conditions, state registration numbers, information on certification and accompany the instruction for use.

Iodometrin shelf life is 2 years from the date of production, provided storage conditions are observed. Do not use the drug after the expiration date.

4. Store Iodometrine in the dark place at a temperature of 50C to 250C.

5. Iodometrine should be kept out of the reach of children.

6. Dispose of unused product with expired shelf life in accordance with legal requirements.

II. Pharmacological properties 

7. Pharmacotherapeutic group: other antiseptic and antimicrobial agents for use in gynecology.

The tablet contains a set of active ingredients and a filler which, in the presence of the mother liquor, gives abundant foam. A set of active ingredients includes antimicrobial, analgesic, detoxification.

Iodine in the composition of Jodometrin causes a pronounced bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect against a wide range of microorganisms-pathogens of the endometritis, has a general stimulating effect on the immune system of the uterus.

Bismuth in the composition of Iodomethrin has an anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and analgesic effect.

Carbachol enhances the tone of the musculature of the uterus and stimulates neuro-trophic processes in it.

The medicinal base, when in contact with the liquid contents of the uterine cavity, forms a copious foam, due to which the active components of the preparation are evenly distributed along the mucous membrane, as a result of which their resorption by the uterine wall is accelerated. The released carbon dioxide also enhances the resorption of medicinal substances, causes reflex contractions of the myometrium, which facilitates the removal of exudate from the uterine cavity. Polyvinylpyrrolidone in the base of the drug weakens the irritating effect of active components on the mucous membranes of the uterus, partially adsorbs and neutralizes microbial and tissue toxins.

III. The order of application 

8. The drug is used for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory gynecological diseases (endometritis, metritis, retention of the afterbirth), as well as in the treatment of cows, mares, sows, sheep and goats with postpartum pathologies of the uterus.

9. Contraindication to the use of Iodometrine is an individual hypersensitivity to its components.

10. For the prevention of gynecological complications, Iodometrine is administered intrauterine dermatomically through the cervical canal to cows and mares, sows-for 1 tablet, goats and sheep, 0.5 tablets 2 to 3 times at intervals of 24 hours.

When detaining the afterbirth, Iodomethrin is injected into the uterus between the placenta and the cervical wall to cows and mares – 2 tablets each, sows – 1 tablet, sheep and goats – 0.5-1 tablets. At the same time, no manipulations aimed at operative separation are performed. After the administration of the drug, the hanging part of the afterbirth is cut at the level of the vagina. Administration of the drug in the same dosage is repeated after 24 and 48 hours.

In the treatment of animals with acute complications of the genus tracts, Iodometrine is administered intrauterine cows and mares – 2 tablets, sows-1 tablet, goats and sheep – 0.5 tablets at intervals of 24 hours, three times.

11. Symptoms of overdose when using the drug in accordance with this instruction is not established.

12. Features of the drug at the beginning of the application of Iodometrine or when it was withdrawn is not revealed.

13. Passage of the next dose of the drug should be avoided, as this may lead to a decrease in therapeutic effectiveness. In the case of missing one or more doses, the drug is resumed as soon as possible in the same dosage and according to the same schedule.

14. Adverse events and complications in the use of Iodometrine in accordance with this instruction is not established.

If there are signs of an allergic reaction in hypersensitive animals, the administration of the drug is stopped, 10% calcium gluconate solution and cardiac agents are administered intravenously or intramuscularly.

15. The use of Iodometrine does not exclude the use of other drugs with specific, pathogenetic and symptomatic therapy.

Along with the drug intracisternal, it is not possible to administer drugs that have an alkaline reaction.

16. Milk from healthy udder quarters is used for food without restrictions, and from patients – after complete disappearance of signs of mastitis, confirmed by venerable tests.

Meat of slaughter animals using the drug is used without restrictions.

IV. Personal prevention measures 

17. When working with Iodometrin, you should follow the general rules of personal hygiene and safety, provided for when working with medications.

18. When working with the drug, it is forbidden to drink, smoke and eat. After working with the drug, wash your hands with soap and water.

19. If the product gets on the skin and / or mucous membranes, they should be rinsed with plenty of running water. If accidentally swallowed, give a large amount of water to drink (4-5 glasses) and induce vomiting. In case of allergic reactions, you should immediately contact a medical institution (with instructions for the use of the drug and a label).

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