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use Amoxyclavumast for the treatment of mastitis in lactating cows

(Organization – developer: OOO Firma “Biokhimfarm”, Raduzhny, Vladimir region).

I. General information

1. Trade name of the medicinal product: Amoxyclavumast (Amoxyclavumast). International nonproprietary name: amoxicillin + clavulonic acid + prednisolone.

2. Dosage form: suspension for topical use. Amoxyclavumast 1 syringe dispenser as active ingredients contains amoxicillin, clavulanate acid, prednisolone and filler. The preparation is an oil suspension of a viscous consistency of yellow or pale yellow; in the process of storage, stratification is allowed.

3. The drug is prepackaged in hermetically closed plastic syringes dosing for intracisternal the introduction of a capacity of 10 ml, which tips are provided with protective caps. Syringes dispensers are Packed in 20 pieces in cardboard boxes along with instructions for use. 

4. Store the drug in a closed package of the manufacturer, separately from food and feed, in a dry, protected from direct sunlight, at a temperature of 5°C to 25°C. Shelf life under storage conditions — 2 years from the date of production. Amoxyclavulanic do not use after expiration date.

5. Amoxyclavumast keep out of the reach of children.

6. Unused drugs are disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

II. Pharmacological properties

7. Amoxyclavumast refers to pharmacotherapeutic group combined antibiotic drugs. Amoxicillin is a broad-spectrum bactericidal semisynthetic penicillin antibiotic. Amoxicillin is active against most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria secreted from udder secretions in mastitis, including staphylococci and streptococci (including S. agalactiae, S. uberis, S. dysagalactiae), corinebacteria (including C. pyogenes) and E. Coli, Bacillus cereus, species of Bacteroides (Bacteroides), campylobacteria (E. Coli), campilobacter spp.), Klebsiella (Klabsiellae) and Pasteurella (Pasteurellae). Clavulanic acid inactivates penicillase of penicillin-resistant microorganisms and thereby restores the sensitivity of bacteria to the bactericidal action of amoxicillin in concentrations that are achieved in the tissues of the udder of animals after intracysternal administration of the drug. Prednisolone has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces swelling and inflammation, characteristic of mastitis. Amoxyclavulanic the degree of impact on the body belongs to low-hazard substances (4 hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007-76), and has no irritating action on the tissues of the udder.

III. The order of application

8. Amoxyclavulanic intracisternal used as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of mastitis in cows during lactation.

9. Contraindication to the use of the drug is an individual hypersensitivity to its components.

10. Amoxyclavulanic introduce intracisternal. Before administration, the drug is heated to 36°C — 39°C and intensively shaken. The contents of the patient’s quarter of the udder are milked into a separate bowl and disposed of, the nipple is disinfected with 70% alcohol. When using the syringe-tube of the cannula is tightly pressed against the hole liner channel, is rigidly fixed position with your fingers gently pressing the plunger injected the drug. The drug is administered 10 cm3 (the contents of one syringe) in each infected quarter of the udder three times with an interval of 12 no. After the introduction of a light massage of the nipple from the bottom up. The drug, packaged in vials administered using a syringe through a milk catheter, similar to the above method.

11. Symptoms of overdose were not identified.

12. In case of allergic reactions, the use of the drug is stopped and symptomatic therapy is carried out.

13. In case of missing the next treatment, it is recommended to do it as soon as possible. Further, the interval between treatments does not change.

14. Side effects: when the drug is sometimes manifested allergic reactions.

15. Application Amoxyclavulanic does not preclude the use of other drugs.

16. Milk obtained from healthy quarters of the udder during treatment and within 48 hours after the last administration of the drug is used in animal feed after boiling. Milk from sick quarters is disinfected and disposed of. Food milk can be used 72 hours after the last injection Amoxyclavulanic. Meat of animals during urgent slaughter used to prepare meat and bone meal. The slaughter of animals for meat are allowed to pass through 7 days after the last injection Amoxyclavulanic.

IV. Personal prevention measures

17. When working with Amoxyclavulanic should follow the General rules of personal hygiene and safety provided when dealing with drugs.

18. When working with the drug, it is forbidden to drink, smoke and eat. After working with the drug should wash your hands with soap.

19. It is prohibited to use empty containers from under the drug for household purposes.

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